Paris has more than 1000 galleries of contemporary and modern art. From Marais to Belleville, inspiring creations are exposed throughout the city. Inescapable places to visit with elegant escorts and get to know a virtuoso with fame or to discover the future stars.

Culture and luxury in Paris

Paris is one of the most striking capitals in Europe. Additionally, it is an important artistic and cultural center of the Western world. For this reason, it is not surprising that during the 19th century it was the birthplace of great figures like René Descartes, Voltaire and Duchamp among others. Many times it became the inspiration for writers and poets. In several paintings it is portrayed as a city full of light and beauty.

This city hosts the most stimulating artistic works, distributed in private collections and galleries as the spectacular Louvre, located in the palace that bears the same name. It holds treasures such as “La Gioconda”, a painting of Leonardo Da Vinci. It offers you the most suitable places to meet with your escort Paris. Let her experience guide you in your exploration of the most impressive museums of the metropolis.

In the past, the current building of the Louvre was used as a residence by several French monarchs who housed there their great collections of different centuries. Over the years, the structure was expanded and remodeled by the different occupants. There are many curiosities of the world of art that you might find exiting while you discover them through the assistance of your escort Paris like those from

There are several cultural centers besides the Louvre to appreciate famous paintings. Because art loves space, many gallery owners do not hesitate to settle in the outskirts of the city to exhibit their monumental works.

This is how the Australian Thaddaeus Ropac opened his second showroom in 2012 in Pantin. Your favorite escort Paris is someone who knows exactly where to look for the jewels of contemporary art and knows the curiosities behind each one of them.

Exhibitions you should attend throughout the year

Paris is the only city in the world that can offer you the chance to discover the latest artistic trends. You should carefully plan the most complete itinerary to take full advantage of the cultural activities available. Escorts from 6annonce make this process simpler. Share your preferences with your companion and follow her advice regarding the most suitable exhibitions.

Turn each attendance into the perfect experience that makes everyone turn their heads to you. The striking presence of elegant escorts cannot be waived aside. Their excellent presence combined with their exquisite taste for art will delight you in different ways. Enjoy a magnificent exposition of Rembrandt work at the Jacquemart-André museum and let your companion guide you on the process of discovering the facets of this painter very closely.

If you like modern paintings, enjoy the work of René Magritte on the Pompidou Centre. The exposition promises to be the best way to know more about this Belgian artist. Stroll through the streets of Paris on a limousine ride and enjoy the magic of this striking city accompanied by your attractive escort Paris.